Make money by becoming our reseller

Do you want to make money by selling to us? Do not hesitate, this is a market you want to invest in whether you have a store or sell to your circle of friends. We have resellers who generate over a million in profits a year, why can not you? Do not miss this opportunity while IPTV is new on the market. In the future, you will not have the same opportunity to as today Quickly build a large, revenue-generating clientele.


To become a reseller we require that you receive at least a balance of at least your first refill / refueling 500euro

You who become a reseller receive:

  • Own portal, where you add accounts and sample accounts yourself whenever you want.
  • Full administration of your own customers.
  • You're thinking only credits that you then use to create new customer accounts.

We have a requirement with a minimum balance the first time so we really know that it is a serious Dealer.

Order 200 credits

200 Euros


Order 500 credits

500 Euros


Order 1000 credits

1000 Euros


I am interested

Contact us by email at [email protected] we will tell you more.

Affordable prices

We give you extremely advantageous prices so you can have high margins in your sales. We also help you with hardware at bargain prices.


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